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AUTHORS NOTE --- It's been almost 3 years since I've made this, and while I find it charming, I sure don't find it good, There's laughs to be had.... mostly at it, I sometimes feel cringe enough to delete the whole thing but I worked so dang hard on it I can't just throw it all away! So uh, just be warned I definitely know it's bad! Enjoy anyways!


Created in just under 3 months as part of a school project, Sweets Ring puts you in the shoes of a new student at Enbridge University. A private boarding school that is top of the line in every regard. However, Enbridge has one simple rule that makes their student's lives anything but sweet. Ask yourself, should you obey every command given to you by your higher ups, no matter how stupid? Or should you rebel against asinine rules, no matter the cost? 

Install instructions

Please note that the "steam" version refers to a version of the game that will work on steam OS.  


Sweets_Ring-Windows Version 409 MB
Sweets_Ring-Mac Version 408 MB
Sweets_Ring-Linux Version 385 MB
Sweets_Ring-Windows/Linux Version 422 MB
Sweets_Ring-SteamOS Version 430 MB

Development log


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I love all the inside jokes in this.  I laughed quite a few times.  The writing is superb and sucked me right in.  A really underrated game!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it!